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Security Systems

Vanguard Fire & Security is committed to protecting people and property. We are a leader in delivering the solutions required to meet today’s quickly evolving security marketplace. Our designers are experienced in integrating multiple systems into one unified platform to enhance our clients’ functionality and ease of operation.

Our highly trained team provides need assessments, design, installation, and project management services to meet our client’s specific building type and needs. Our engineers have experience working with products from enterprise access control and video surveillance to basic intrusion detection. This enables Vanguard Fire & Security to tailor a system to the unique needs of each customer.  We provide security solutions that are flexible, scalable, and delivered on time and on budget.

Access Control

Electronic Access control systems no longer simply lock and unlock doors. Today, these systems have become a tool that protects your facility against unauthorized use making your business safer, more efficient and less prone to theft and accidents.

Vanguard Fire & Security will design your access control solution customized to your needs to track and monitor highly restricted areas while providing a safer working environment. Electronic access control is capable of providing time and attendance information, eliminating the costs of re-keying once an employee no longer has authorization for use. And most importantly, you can manage your system, or a network of systems, from anywhere in the world.

We can provide a solution that will meet your needs for today and the future. 

Video Surveillance

IP Video Surveillance and digital CCTV systems are a major part of today’s security solutions. These systems deter theft and fraud and allow you to document all events occurring in your business.  You can also manage this visual information from anywhere in the world.

A well-designed video surveillance system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. Depending upon your needs, Vanguard Fire & Security can design and install a solution customized to your needs to protect your business and give you piece of mind. 

Intrusion Detection

At Vanguard Fire & Security we offer industry leading intrusion detection solutions custom designed to fit our clients’ needs.  We make sure your home and business is fully protected with options that can include touch-screen keypads, door and window contacts, motion and glass break detectors, and cellular communication for alarm monitoring.

Individual user codes let you know who armed and disarmed your system when securing your facility’s critical areas.  With the choice of a full line of intrusion alarm equipment, Vanguard Fire & Security will design a solution customized to meet your needs for today and the future.


Whether it is an alarm, trouble, unauthorized opening or conditions with critical equipment Vanguard Fire & Security’s UL Listed monitoring services provide fast, accurate notification of your systems status.  We are professionally staffed 24/7/365 to insure that your business has the immediate response needed for immediate action. 

Cellular Monitoring

Not long ago, all alarm systems used traditional phone lines to dial to a central station. Today customers can eliminate phone lines altogether and communicate to a central station over highly reliable 3G/4G cellular networks. Advantages are that cellular is less susceptible to weather issues, cannot be disabled by falling trees, and the lines cannot be cut by a burglar. From your cell phone you can arm and disarm your alarm system or check its status. Not only is cellular faster and more reliable than standard phone lines it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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